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MORE Data, Views, Deals, Communication and Workflow Automation

Investors and Brokers/Agents

Platform Access
Market Availability Subject to Brokerage Servicing
  • Property Investment Viewer
  • Mock Auction Viewer
  • After Repair Value Tools
  • Access to Deals from Brokerage Network
  • Property and Portfolio Tracking Systems
  • Other Brokerage and Agent Connections
  • Apply Tools To Any List
  • In App Services Available like Automated Contracts, Directed Mailers, Reverse Lookups and other data gathering services.
Standalone ARV Tool
After Repair Valuation Tool
  • Comp Analysis Tool
  • Market Sold Data Analysis
  • Updated Monthly
  • Apply to Any List
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On Site Data Gathering Automation

After Repair Valuation Estimates

Fast Decisions and Team Connections

Educated Agent Network

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